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Increase Your Brain Power

As we continue our journey through the 21st century, we watch how everything around us is becoming digital and the world is transitioning to virtual. Although technology is bringing to our lives physical ease and comfort, it is gradually transforming world societies from labor based to information based societies. To stay competitive in today’s world, it has become very important to leverage much more power of our brains. Whether this is scientifically proven to be possible or not, Jean Marie Stine, who is an author and a presenter, suggests that there are ways to do just that.

In her book “Double Your Brain Power” (Stine, 1997), Stine states that there is a step-by-step program to double the reader’s brain power. She mentions that just by applying her techniques, it will be possible to

• Cram hours of study into 30 minutes or less.
• Master new job skills instantly.
• Become an expert on any subject in a single evening.
• Glean all you want to know from piles of documents in minutes by reading smarter.
• Remember word for word every key statement that is made by speaker.
• Zip through complicated reports in minutes.
• Spot bogus information and hidden biases instantly.
• Understand what you learn better than those who plod word by word.
• Evaluate information and put it to practical use instantaneously.

While we encourage you to get “Double Your Brain Power” (Stine, 1997) book, we share what we think are some of the most important tricks from the book presented by the author. We will leave the rest for you to acquire yourself when you read the book.

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photo credit: ©IOTAGLOBAL THE MANIFESTO via photopin (license)